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About Lazy Bones Fitness

Exercise is more than just weight loss. Of course, regular exercise and improvements to your nutrition are going to help you lose weight or gain muscle. But, regular exercise will also help you gain strength and have a healthier heart and lungs.

But, what Lazy Bones Fitness really loves, is that over time, regular exercise and improvements in nutrition, will help improve your mental health and wellbeing. And what better way to get there than exercising with others to de-stress, unwind, feel less anxious and put a smile on your face?

Having a healthy mind and body will ultimately help you achieve more every day!


Great locations

Who wants to workout in a hot, sweaty gym when we have such beautiful, natural and open spaces in Devon to take advantage of? Covering areas all over Torbay and Teignbridge, Lazy Bones Fitness can take your exercise sessions out of the gym and into to the open surroundings of your garden, the park or even the beach! It’s your session, so you get to choose!



Tom is our full time Lazy Bones Fitness Motivator. But we also work alongside other trusted and qualified local personal and fitness trainers, who may motivate at one of your sessions.


About Tom

Tom never had much of an interest in sport, health or fitness to start with. But in 2010 he passed out of the world’s longest basic military training to become a Royal Marines Commando. Here, he learnt two valuable lessons.

Firstly, exercise can actually be fun – it’s not all about ‘no pain, no gain’ and spending hours in a crowded gym. And secondly, that exercise is invaluable to getting through stressful and anxious times.

On leaving the Royal Marines, Tom struggled to adjust back to ‘normal’ civilian life, but strongly believes that daily exercise helped and gave him something else to focus on, as well as giving his mind time to unwind.

While working in a high pressure Sales Manager role, Tom created a 45 minute exercise session that he used daily to de-stress before going home to his fiancé, Natasha. That single session has now evolved into personalised 1-2-1 and group sessions that he offers to everyone through Lazy Bones Fitness since 2016.

When he’s not working or working out, Tom takes part in regular running events (5km through to marathon distance) and likes to chill out with his kitten, Pudding and house rabbits, Marvin and Waffle. And planning his upcoming wedding to Natasha of course!

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Tom Mole

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