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20 EASY ways to get active, without a gym!

If like me,
You’d rather not spend your time in a sweaty gym,
Surrounded by mirrors
And those super fit guys and girls,
Waiting for equipment to be free
Whilst listening to the grunts of others.

There are other options!

(And if you do love the gym? That’s cool! But you may find some additional ideas in here too).

Below are just the first 20 EASY ways to get active, that popped into my mind.


1. Walk

Walking costs nothing.
And is something most of us can do with ease.
Believe it or not, I’ve written a whole blog about it!


2. Hike

Hiking (A.K.A rambling, hillwalking, fell walking)
Involves walking, usually on trails, in the countryside.
There are hundreds of clubs, of which you can take part.
Or do it alone.
Just be safe!


3. Run

Walking, just a little bit quicker.
You can run along footpaths,
Run for a set amount of time,
Or aim to complete a set distance.
You can mix it up and run off road, through the woods and along the mud trails.

Run with a partner or take your dog along with you.
If you enjoy it, go do it!
If you don’t there are still 17 other ideas below!


4. Geocaching

Not sure what it is?
Check out the official website here!

In short,
It’s basically a treasure hunt
That you can do all over the world!
It’s a great way to have fun
Have kids?
Get them involved too!


5. Rock climbing

Not just an outdoor activity
You can climb indoors in centres up and down the country.
At a reasonable cost, it’s great fun
And if you really get into it,
You can join clubs and take it all over the place,
Exploring the country, or the world!


6. Cycling

You don’t have to “don the lycra”
(Although, if that’s your thing, that’s cool!)

Cycling has a range of benefits,
– Improved lung health
– Builds muscle
– Is low impact
– Can save you time (On getting to work perhaps!)
– A great way to socialise
– Most importantly, it’s fun!


7. Dancing

Even if like me,
You have two left feet!
Dancing can be great fun!
And there are a range of styles to try.
Best of all, it’s something that everyone can (and should) give a go.
It’s suitable for people of all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities.

(Just don’t pick me to be your partner! You’ll end up with very sore toes.)


8. Arcade Dance Machines

Have you ever had a go on one of these?
When I was about 15,
A friend and I used to spend a ridiculous amount of time on these.
But boy, did we have a great time!
And a good work out along with it!
You can even get these sorts of games for your games consoles at home.
A great way to spend a rainy afternoon in with the family!

If you think you’re too old or serious to give this a go,
I suggest you need to look at life again.
You’re only here for a finite amount of time.
Just let your hair down and have some fun!


9. Bootcamp

There are absolutely hundreds of bootcamps running up and down the country.
A great way to work out in a group,
Making new friends
And having a laugh at the same time.

For me personally, the ones that run outdoors all year round
Are the best!
But you’ll find them running in gyms, local halls, parks and schools.


10. Team sports

Football, Rugby, Hockey, Basketball, Cricket
Paintball, Airsoft, Ultimate Frisbee, Muggle Quidditch.

There is almost an endless amount of team sports to try.
So get up off that sofa,
And go give one a go.
Don’t enjoy it? Try another!


11. Martial Arts

It doesn’t matter if you’re 8,
Or 88.
If you haven’t already,
You should give a martial art a go!

Not only are they all generally a total body workout.
They can help improve;
Self-confidence, reflexes, focus, and discipline.


12. Playing Games

And I don’t mean video games.
All you have to do, is get up off the sofa and play.
Play a game of tag, capture the flag, scavenger hunt.
You can do this with your friends or family.

Not only will your body thank you, for actually doing something.
But I’m sure your children will think you’re great too!


13. Trampoline Park

Quite simply, these are awesome fun!
Not just for children.
And these parks tend to offer fitness specific sessions too.


14. Yoga

Physically, you’ll improve strength as well as (surprisingly) aerobic fitness!
Yoga is accessible for all,
Though online programmes
And classes, most likely at your nearest leisure centre.

Mentally, yoga can increase body awareness,
Relieve stress,
Reduce muscle tension,
Calm the mind and sharpen your concentration.


15. Swimming

The benefits, to name a few…
– Helps to manage weight
– Reduces stress levels and raises self-esteem
– Boosts your mood
– Strengthens your muscles
– Is a low-impact exercise (lower risk of injury to joints).


16. Watersports

If you’re lucky enough to have access to a river or the sea,
Check out this blog !


17. At home

You can do some great workouts, with no equipment, in the comfort of your home!
From a 10 minute cardio blast,
To a 45 minute all over body workout.
Using programmes from a DVD (take care with these!)
Or having a Personal Trainer create something for you

You can even do some DIY, the gardening, or a big spring clean!
Anything that gets you moving, is better than just sitting there.


18. Volunteer at a youth team

If you’ve ever volunteered or worked with children,
You’ll appreciate this one.
It’s not easy!
Kids are great! But they’ve an endless supply of energy!
And they keep you going.

So, get out of the house and volunteer with a youth team or organisation.
You’ll get so much more than just the health and fitness benefits too!


19. Laugh more

In my humble (but certainly correct) opinion
Laughter is the BEST medicine!

– Lowers blood pressure
– Reduces stress hormone levels
– Triggers the release of endorphins
– Improves cardiac health
– Works your abs
– Produces a general sense of well-being


20. Sex

Doing it, making love, fornicating, humping, making babies, getting down and dirty.
Whatever you call it, sex is great!
Even the NHS have a web page dedicated to how sex is great for our health!

So, if you’re going to take anything away from this blog,
Let it be this…
Have more SEX! 😉




If you’ve skipped straight to this section of the blog.
Tut, tut! You’ve missed a lot of valuable information.
The main takeaway for all of us (over the age of 16),
Is this.
Have more SEX!
(now you’ll have to read the blog to find out why!)

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