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4 Steps To Getting Active

We have here for you, the 4 steps to getting active.


You know, as well as we do, that staying active is something we should all be doing.

But you also know, as well as we do, that most of us aren’t doing enough.


You don’t have to become some form of athlete or gym addict,

But we should all be aiming to be active for 150 minutes a week.

This doesn’t always mean going to the gym, a fitness class or having Personal Training.

It can be as simple as a brisk walk.

A gentle swim.

A bike ride.

Some vigorous gardening.





Here are our 4 basic steps to getting more active.


1. Grab the horns and ride that bull!

Find what motivates you and run with it…

Is it that every time you look in the mirror, you hate what you see?

The fact that you’re fed up of having to stop for breath after walking up that big hill?

It could be that you’re not sleeping right due to the aches and pains.

Maybe it’s that you’ve seen others look happier and healthier and you want that glow.


What ever it is that motivates you to want to get fit and healthy,

Make a note of it.

Verbalise it – tell others about it.

Make it real and that will drive you forward.


Write down your goals and your reasons why.


The first stage is to identify your motivation and harness it.



2. Put together your toolbox

A great way to motivate yourself

And to start the process of accountability,

Is to invest in some suitable gear to train in.


You don’t need to break the bank

And it could simply involve digging the kit out from the back of the wardrobe.


Simply collect any clothing and equipment that you may need to start out and put it in view.

It’ll motivate you,

It’ll remind you

And it’ll be one less excuse to yourself as to why you can’t do it.



3. Date Until You Find The One

We’re big believers that you should be doing something that puts a smile on your face,

Something you find fun

And something that you want to go back to time and time again.


So if you attempt to go to the gym and hate lifting the weights, guess what?

Don’t go again.


If you try the bootcamp but hate being screamed at by that guy in the military kit, guess what?

Move on to something else.


There is no harm in trying new and different things.

Each thing you try, you’ll be getting your body and mind active.


Eventually, you’ll find the one.

The one who makes you smile.

The one who you don’t want to be without.

When you find that one, you know it’s a keeper.

And that’s the form of activity that you should pursue to stay fit and healthy.



4. Commit to the hardest part

Now that you’ve worked out exactly what motivates you.

You’ve got the basic kit sorted

And you’ve had a shop around to see what’s out there,

It’s time for the part that most find hard.




If you want to see long term health improvements,

Physical and mental change,

Then it’s no good just doing one fitness class and calling it a day.

Consistency is key and so is your commitment.


A simple method to get started?

Commit to just two times a week of your new found fave.

Twice a week for just four weeks.

That’s only eight times!


Commit to those eight times and watch how much easier things become.

Not just in the physical sense of aching less and moving more freely,

But also in the sense of having it in the diary so you’re no longer ‘fitting it in’

And in the sense that it no longer becomes something you should do

But something you want to do and maybe even LOVE to do!



4 Steps To Getting Active.

Now you just have to action them…


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