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6 Steps To Keep Healthy Eating Affordable

Here’s how to keep healthy eating affordable.


It’s unnerving when you see a chocolate bar on sale for so much cheaper than a healthy alternative.

So here are 6 steps to help you.


1. Make A Plan

Start with the meals that you’ll be eating for the week.

Remember to include not only your main family meal, but all other meals and snacks too.

Once you know foods that you and the family will be tucking into for the week, you can create the shopping list.

Remember to list everything that you’ll need.


2. Check Your Cupboards

With your shopping list to hand, you can now hit the cupboards.

Take a look at what items you already have and cross them off from your list.

Pull all of your items to the front, so that the new purchases can be put to the back.

This is a great opportunity to notice foods that will need using up soon.

Revise those meal and shopping lists as you go.


3. Cook In Bulk

Cooking from scratch is generally cheaper than buying pre-prepared meals.

It’s always a great way to control what you’re putting in the foods you eat.

Cook extra portions that you can put in freezable containers and save for the future.

These saved meals come in really handy when plans change last minute.

You’ll also reduce the chance of having foods left over that may therefore go unused.


4. Love Your Leftovers

Any leftovers can either be frozen or you could even use them to make something new.

Stale bread is great for breadcrumbs and we all love a good ‘Bubble and Squeak’!

There are a vast array of recipes for your leftovers on the internet, get creative!


5. Learn To Store

Fresh food lasts longer if you store it in the right place.

Some foods are better kept out of the fridge but placed in cool dark cupboards.

Others should probably go in the fridge to help slow down the growth of germs.

Not going to be using something for a while, consider if it can be frozen and then defrosted for use.


6. Learn Dates

Foods have ‘sell by dates’ and ‘use by dates’.

Learn the difference and the true meanings for these.

Also look up ‘food storage rotation’ to stop some of those foods hiding in the back of the cupboard until it’s too late.

It creates a great opportunity to keep things varied and to inspect the food storage area for cleanliness.



Pictorial representation of how to keep healthy eating affordable


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