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6 Tips to getting out of bed in the morning and exercising

Getting out of bed.

I get it!

It’s 6am, it’s dark outside, you’re lovely and warm under the duvet, just another 15 minutes won’t hurt so you hit snooze.

BAM !!!

It’s now 6:42am, you jump out of bed and into the shower, you’re running late!

And you spend the rest of the day in a feeling of haste, kicking yourself because yet again you missed a morning’s exercise. You missed the opportunity to clear your mind and get set for the day!

You follow these simple but effective 6 steps and you start each and every day in the right way.

1. Plan the workout.

Maybe do this the night before, or maybe plan for the full week on a Sunday evening.

It really doesn’t matter, but as the saying goes: “prior planning prevents p**s poor performance”!

2. Make yourself accountable.

If I tell myself that I’m going to do something, but then later can’t be bothered, I’ve only myself to make an excuse to.

If I tell others that I plan to get up early and work out, then it becomes a little harder to get out of it.

Why not be truly brave and post your plans on social media, with a promise of evidence that you’re actually up and moving first thing in the morning? It works for me!

3. Limit the excuses.

Before you climb into bed the night before, lay out your workout clothes (including your underwear!).

Head back downstairs and clear an area where you plan to do a workout.

For me, putting my exercise mat down in front of the sofa is the confirmation to myself that I’m actually going to commit and do this!

(I don’t want to be rolling it up in the morning, muttering under my breath that tomorrow will be the day. I want to roll it up thinking “Hell Yeah! I smashed that work out!”).

4. Do what you gotta do!

Set the alarm, then place that damned thing at the far end of the room!

I place mine just outside the bedroom door on the landing. That’ll really make sure you’re up and out of bed in the morning!

And once you’re up, you’ve just got to stop yourself from climbing back in.

5. Brush those pearly whites.

Have you ever noticed that you feel more awake after brushing your teeth?

Yeah me too!

Now, I’m no scientist so I have absolutely no idea if there is some fancy scientific reason why this is!

But it works, so switch on the bathroom light, pick up that toothbrush and give ‘em a clean.

6. Eat and drink.

You’ve spent the best part of 7 hours or so in bed, slightly warm under the duvet and not a drop of water has passed those lips!

A glass of water to get yourself a little on the way to full hydration and a banana to eat (or whatever is your thing) will help towards making you feel human again.

Now it’s down to you… work out!

Right there on your exercise mat.

Performing the exercises, yoga stretches, or whatever it is that you planned for that mornings movement.

Once you have achieved this, give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy that feeling of achievement, happiness and motivation for the rest of the day.

Want more hints, tips, ideas and secrets?!

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P.S. I get it.

Some days are easier than others for getting out of bed and getting going!

Miss out on a day? Don’t just sulk like a big kid and give up completely. You can schedule time later in your day to do some exercise, anything is better than nothing.

Then just try again the next morning.

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