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The Top 7 home-gym equipment, that won’t cost you a fortune

Keeping fit and healthy doesn’t have to involve hour after hour of grunts, sweat and awkwardness in front of a bunch of strangers,
In a gym full of chrome and mirrors.

Don’t get me wrong,
If you know what you are doing and you have a specific training plan,
The gym can be great!
But for most of us, it’s a waste of time and more importantly, money!

I’m a great advocate of working out at home.
In the local park, on the beach or where ever you can find a nice spot to train.

I’m also a big believer in looking after the pennies,
As the pennies will look after the pounds!

So, behold!

7 pieces of exercise equipment,
That you may find helps keep the at home work out more interesting, mixed up and progressive.
And that shouldn’t cost you the equivalent of a small car to buy!

1. Exercise Mat

Have a soft and comfortable mat to place down wherever you choose to workout
And there’ll be one less excuse to not do it today!
Not only can using a mat make your exercising more pleasant,
It also has a great psychological effect,
As laying your mat out will prepare your mind to exercise.

You’ll also be thankful when you’re dripping with sweat,
It saves having to clean the carpet regularly!

2. Skipping Rope

I know, I know!
You’ve not used a skipping rope since the good old days
On the school playgroup, with your mates!
This simple, versatile, cheap and portable piece of equipment
Is great for a cardio workout!

I’ve heard it said,
That 10 minutes of continuous skipping,
Can equate to around 30 minutes of jogging.

And it’s something you can do in the comfort of your own home,
Without having to run past a bunch of strangers.

(Although, nothing beats walking or running outdoors,
In my humble, but correct, opinion…)

3. Exercise Ball

Using an exercise ball,
You know the type?
Big inflatable spherical thing!
They are great for simple, yet highly effective
Stability exercises, working your core strength.
They can be used to improve balance and coordination
And to add tension to a range of bodyweight exercises, such as the push up.

This has to be one of the most cost effective
Pieces of exercise equipment that you could buy.

You could ditch the office chair,
And use this all day long instead!

4. Foam Roller

Once you start working out regularly,
You’ll almost certainly want to invest in one of these.
These are great at helping to relieve the pain
And muscles soreness from the day before.

It is believed by many, that foam rollers can help to:
– Prevent Injury
– Recover Faster
– Improve Mobility & Flexibility
– Reduce Stress

5. Pull up Bar

I’m a huge believer in utilising your own body,
To aid as resistance allowing you to gain strength
And get into great shape.
We can all do push ups and sit ups with no equipment,
But when it comes to pulling motions,
It becomes a little more difficult.

One great tool, is the simple pull up bar.
There are a multitude of options on the market,
Personally, I like the type that fix to the door frame,
As they’re neat and tidy
And don’t encroach on your personal space.

Perhaps you could put a bar up in the doorway of your living room,
And every time you walk past it,
Force yourself to do as many pull ups as you can.
You’ll soon rack up the numbers
And see great improvements in functional strength!

6. Sand Power Bag

So now we’re moving away from purely bodyweight
And introducing a level up.
Generally ranging from 5kg to 25kg,
The power bag, filled with sand
Can be a great tool to enhance your daily exercise.

When used correctly,
These can be great at improving all round functional fitness.
Something you can pretty much use anywhere
And generally quite easy to store,
You can create a huge variety of workouts with just one piece of equipment.

7. Adjustable dumbbells

These are in at number seven, as they’re a little more of an investment.
But they are a very versatile piece of equipment,
Allowing you to add a lot more resistance to your exercises.
The adjustable versions are great as well,
Because they take up minimal storage space,
Whilst giving you a broad range of weight option.

Generally, they work by turning a dial on the end,
Which ‘picks up’ the selected range of weight,
Leaving the remaining stack in the holder.

Brilliant to allow you to vary your workouts
And push yourself to get stronger.
But, of course you should know how to use them correctly
And keep good form at all times.

I would most certainly not recommend these if you’re just starting out!

Don’t rush out and buy all this at once,
But it gives you a little idea
As to what you may want to purchase, as your exercise habits improve.

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Of course, you don’t need any equipment what so ever to keep fit and healthy!
Making full use of your own body and other bits around you,
You can complete an endless array of exercise regimes and health workouts.

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