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7 Ways To Stay More Active

We want you to be more active

And if you’ve ever read any of our blogs

Then you’ll know that we get a bee in our bonnet from time to time.

Some would say obsessive,

We prefer passionate

About certain things

And right now it’s trying to convince you that although our FUNdamentals sessions are great

And will get you fitter

Ultimately, the way to get yourself healthier is to increase your daily activity levels

(and the best bit? Most are FREE)

So we’ve put together

7 ways to stay more active…


Change your commute

Consider walking to work.

If that’s not possible?

Park the car up earlier and walk the last 5 minutes

Or get off the bus a stop early.

The small things really do add up…


Get off the sofa

By all means, binge on that boxset or catch up on the soaps

(we love to!)

But make it active.

Walk up and down the stairs during every commercial break

Or perform 5 jumping jacks every time you hear the word “and”

** Make it a game **


Stay more active

We get it, time is precious.

Instead of wasting it wondering what to do next to keep yourself active,

Just take a fitness class.

Show up on time,


And leave right when the class is over.

Our FUNdamentals sessions are only 45 minutes long.


Make chores your workout

Turn your household chores into a workout session.

Just sweep faster,

Scrub your dishes harder

And even add in some jumping jacks in between.

Make it a game, set yourself a time limit to get it done…


Take the stairs

You’ve heard it before, take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator…


We bet no one has ever dared you

To walk up and down EVERY set of stairs you see throughout your day.

Even if you’ve no reason to go up them…

Even if you’re in the middle of town…

It’ll take an extra 15 seconds out of your day

That’s it!

So when you see a set of stairs, walk up and down them…

For no reason

Other than to get yourself more active each day.


Walk & Talk

Instead of sending a text or email

Make a phone call.

Get up and walk around the block

Or pace around your room while talking on the phone.

You’ll get more active


Build on relationships by actually talking to people…


Walk on your lunch breaks

Instead of eating your lunch at your desk

Get up and get out.

Walk to a local park and eat your lunch there,

Then take a walk back.

The weather’s bad outside?

That’s okay; take an umbrella…




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