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All you have to do is move!

Picture the scene.

It’s a warm Saturday morning, it’s just gone 10am.

You’re stood at the finish line of this week’s Parkrun with a stopwatch in your hand watching the last runner of the day cross the line. (For those who don’t know about Parkrun, check their website out here)

This lady, the last runner of the day was a slightly older woman who was new to Parkrun.

She was new to running in general in fact, and thought she’d challenge herself to be more active.

She wanted to ensure she remains fit and healthy enough to be able to spend some quality times with the grandkids.

This crossed that finish line as the 301st runner of the morning, over 40 minutes after the first runner of the day, with a lot of the crowds already dispersed and heading home.

But do you know what?

She received, by far, the biggest cheer than any other had!


Well, not only had she just completed a 5km course of non-stop moving, but she did so with a lovely smile on her face!

She was overly apologetic for being a little while behind all the other runners and keeping those behind who volunteer with the marshalling, time keeping, setting up and everything else that a Parkrun involves.

But she really had NO need to apologise.

She had the utmost admiration and respect from me and all the other volunteers that morning because she’d had the guts, courage and determination to get out of bed, turn up and give it a go!

She may have been the last to cross that finish line out of the 301 runners who had turned up that morning, but you know what?

She was not last!

No? I hear you ask!

No! From a quick search of the internet, there are over 135,000 people in the local area of where this Parkrun is held.

Read that again…

Over 135,000 people in the local area!

So, she didn’t come last.


She beat somewhere in the region of 135,000 people across that finish line!

The moral of the story…

It doesn’t matter if you finish in first place, or if you cross the line in 301st place as the last runner of the day who bothered to turn up. The fact is, you’ve done a sh*t load more than the majority of the population who haven’t even tried!

It doesn’t matter what you do, but just do something that gets your body to move. Something that not only benefits the health of your body, but gets the mind active too!

Just do something! (And remember to smile, it’s meant to be fun!)

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It is said that Richard Branson (you know, that billionaire business dude?!) states that he gains at least 4 more hours of productivity each day through the use of exercise such as yoga, swimming, rock climbing, running and weightlifting!

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