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Does daily exercise really reduce stress?

You’re a busy person right?
Busy with the family, with the job and the household chores.

Busy trying to fit in just a little bit of social time
And busy trying to imagine the joys of having a hobby in between all that?!

I get it!
I know how you feel.



If you’re too busy to schedule regular exercise into your day,
You, my friend,
Are a fool.

(Truth hurts doesn’t it!?)


The NHS Choices web page on
Physical activity guidelines for adults

Suggests, in effect, 30 minutes a day of regular activity.

The same website also states
“Being active is great for your physical health and fitness,
and evidence shows that it can also improve your mental wellbeing.”

100% correct!


The most common signs of stress include

– Sleeping problems
– Sweating
– Loss of appetite

Which are triggered by a rush of stress hormones in our body,
Which raise our blood pressure,
Increase our heart rate
And increase the rate at which we sweat.
This can also reduce blood flow to our skin
And reduce our stomach activity
As well as releasing fat and sugar into the system of our body.
(Hence, falling out of shape when stress levels rise!).


Physical activity can be highly effective at relieving stress,
So those who are more active tend to have lower stress rates.


How does exercise help to relieve stress?

You’ve heard of endorphins right?
The brains feel-good neurotransmitters.
Well, physical activity helps the body increase production of these,
Pumping them around the body to the brain.
So you get that ‘post exercise’ high and the stress just falls away!


Ever noticed that after exercising,
The frustrations of that day just seem to evaporate?
‘That jerk that cut you up in the car, no longer a big issue.’
‘The way the boss spoke to you this morning, meh his problem not yours!’
You see, exercise helps to shed the daily tensions and irritations
As your mind focuses on the task in hand and stops building up the event in your mind.
So, regular exercise can result in higher levels of optimism,
Helping you to remain calm and clear in future events and scenarios.
A bit like meditation.
(Which is also great! But I’ll talk more about that in another blog)


Improvements in your general mood.
(i.e being less snappy with the partner and kids!)
Regularly exercising helps to increase self-confidence and self-esteem.
It helps your body to physically relax, as well as your mind.
You feel better about yourself, the way you look, feel and move.


Getting a good night’s sleep.
It’s not rocket science!
When you’re feeling tired, you’re more cranky,
Things seem to get on top of you that much quicker
And stress levels build!
So key here, is get enough sleep!
And daily exercise is great at helping to regulate this.
It’s pretty obvious, if you exercise then you’re tiring the body out
Helping it to naturally put you into a sleep cycle.

Exercising outdoors can also increase the effect,
As you’re letting your body absorb natural sunlight.


So, in short…


Exercise daily and not only will you get your body into a good shape,
You’ll do the same for your mind.

Reductions in stress are going to make you more positive,
More productive,
More motivated,
Nicer to be around
And have a much greater outlook on life.

You’re only here the once!
Why spend it in a state of stress!

So, what I suggest you do right now,
Is get out your diary
And schedule in 30 minutes a day
That you’re going to dedicate to improve ALL aspects of your life
Through regular daily exercise.


As it happens, Lazy Bones Fitness offers a 45 day programme that incorporates just this..


Balance 45

•Weekday, daily group exercise with a Lazybones Fitness Motivator
(with alternative home or office workout, if you’re away on business for the day)
•Weekend exercise programme to keep your mind and body active and healthy
•Weekly online Q&A with a Lazybones Fitness Motivator
•Nutritional support, education and advice
•Simple goal setting and accountability


There’s a great little video explaining more here:



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I’m running a trial week for the Balance 45 programme
So you can come and see the benefits for yourself
With absolutely no obligation to sign up to the programme
(Although those on the trial week, will receive a special price if they do…)

You can apply here:

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