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I feel great when

I feel great when ___________

What a statement.

When do you feel great?

For me, I know I need a few things


1 – Some great company

I always feel good,

When I’m surrounded by others

Who are like me.


2 – Fresh air

If I’m outdoors

In the fresh air

I instantly feel better.

When it’s warm and sunny is best,

But even in the cold

And wet,

As soon as i’m back home,

I feel great for having been outside!


3 – Moving my body

I think I like a lazy day,

But by the end of it

I still feel groggy and flat.

But if i’ve been active

I feel great.

I feel energised,


And like i’ve actually achieved something.


4 – Doing something for me

Every day,

I commit to doing 1 thing for me.

I love to help others

And put others first.

But I also don’t want to sacrifice my own happiness.

So I make a point of doing just 1 thing a day,

That doesn’t hurt anyone else,

That makes me happy.

Something as small as getting my hair cut,

Or taking time out to meet friends.


5 – Doing something I enjoy

If i don’t enjoy something

I won’t prioritise it

And I won’t stick to it.

So, where possible

I try to find things that I enjoy.


And so, if my week involves most of this.

I know I am on to a winner.


Which is what we try to offer with our FUNdamentals sessions.

– A group of like minded people

– Some fresh air

– The environment to exercise

– Something that people can do to help themselves

– It has to be FUN


I feel great when ___________


What would yours say?

Are you doing much of it?



One of the Lazy Bones Fitness motivators,

And the guy who set it all up.


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