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Having GOALS

In this 60 second Straight Talk we discuss goals

But it has nothing to do with football…



Setting ourselves a goal

But how can we keep ourselves motivated

To actually stick to the goals?


Set a goal

You’ll want to start longer term.

Where do you want to be in a years time (or maybe longer)?

Then break that down into medium term

And short term goals.

This will immediately give you something more manageable to work towards

Which helps with that all important motivation.



Whatever your goal, make it specific.

If your goal is to lose fat then think,

How will I measure it?

(pictures, inches, fit into a certain dress, etc.)

Make it tangible,

Something you can actually grab a hold of and see.

A goal might be to just make yourself feel happier,

But consider ways to measure this

So you can actually know that you’re getting closer to that goal

And eventually hitting it.


Claire’s experience!

Because sometimes those goals can just seem so far away

Claire has found a way to help her feel a sense of achievement




And that helps keep her motivated.


Claire sets herself daily goals,

That’ll form part of the overall goal.

She has a little notebook that she keeps by the side of her bed.

Each morning,

She’ll note a little goal for the day in her book

And it’s so satisfying

When you get to tick that goal off at the end of the day.



It’s got to be specific

And tie in with your long term goal.


Little goals within a bigger goal,

They seem less daunting.




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