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Do we need a gym

In this 60 second Straight Talk we talk about Gym


Not the guy you know down the road…



The gym

Is it

Or is it not

Necessary for us to use the gym

To get ourselves fit and healthy?


If you enjoy it

If the gym is your thing and you enjoy working out in that environment,

Then it can be a great place.

You arrive somewhere,

Surrounded by like-minded people

All just trying to create a better version of themselves.

Lots of specific equipment to hand,

Music to motivate

And qualified professionals around to ask any questions.


What’s not to love ?!

I think you’ll agree,

No matter who you are

The gym can be an intimidating place.

Surrounded by people, who you feel are watching your every move

(even though we very much doubt they are)

Intimidating machines which,

Let’s face it,

Half the time we haven’t a clue how to use…

So, the gym environment is great for some

But not for many.


In which case


You CAN use your natural surroundings and environment.

In your house you’ve steps, chairs, walls

Even bags of sugar.

Your bodyweight alone can be a fair bit to heave around…


And of course

We love the great outdoors!

Which of course is why we designed the FUNdamentals OUTDOOR sessions.

The backbone,

The structure,

The initial concept

And true love

Of Lazy Bones Fitness.


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