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Happiness is …

So you’ve just done a workout right?

You’re feeling a little sweaty, perhaps saying

Never again, that was tough going

Maybe a little red faced and wanting to collapse on the floor

Am I right??


But how do you really feel??

Have you found happiness?

Think about it

I’m sure you’re feeling pretty damn pleased with yourself for doing those 10 burpees,

For getting the workout done

For showing up in the first place!!

(and so you should be)

But lets be straight, even though all those feelings above are there,

The aching and the tiredness,

The one thing that you feel inside, is GOOD!!

Bloody good!!

You’ve just smashed a workout,

You may have just completed a run,

You may have giggled like a child while in an exercise class

All of these things will make you smile, even if not outwardly…


The benefits of this feeling GOOD

Far outweigh the benefits we get physically from exercise!!

Yeah sure we want a thinner waistline

Or maybe we want to be fitter for an event

But deep down we just want to be happy right??


And whether you’re working out in a group at our PADS sessions


Going for a run

Or exercising at the gym alone…

You will feel GOOD about yourself, even if you’re too tired to realise it

The mind is getting the best workout you can give it.


Can I speak frankly??



Well I don’t know about you

But mental health issues scare the living daylights out of me…

I’ve suffered with depression and it’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to go through.

The thought of suffering from it again scares the s**t out of me,

As I’m sure it does you too!!!

Or maybe someone you know is struggling

And even though we know it’s there,

It’s hard to know what to do to help

Because some days they will look fine and dandy

And we get led into a false sense of security, that they are ok…

But they are not.


So what can we do to help?

What can we do to help ourselves stay healthy in mind as well as in body?

What can we do to find happiness?


Now.  I hear you saying

Yeah, but Claire it’s easy for you.  You’re a personal trainer


Of course you’re going to promote that, you’re a personal trainer…

And the answer to that is YES,

I’m going to promote it because I know it works

Myself and the other motivators at Lazy Bones Fitness also know it works

Because we have all been through our own journeys regarding mental health issues.


NO it’s not easy for me to get up and workout just because I am a personal trainer,

I have days just like you where I am tired, lack motivation and also have anxiety feelings.


I hear you say

But when I am down or depressed or anxious, that is the last thing that I want to do!

Yep I hear you,

I’ve been there too and on different days I am still there…

In fact, the more stressed you are, the more reason to exercise

And a workout can be your happy medicine.

On those days, that is the BEST time to get up, get your back side in gear and workout!!

It’s a struggle sometimes

But you will not regret it.


Research shows

I can’t stress enough that exercise is the BEST thing you can do to help yourself..

Here is why:


A prescription of exercise can help you have a healthy mind

Says GP Dr Paul Stillman, from Media Medics.

Exercise stimulates positive endorphins, clears your head and lifts your mood.  I think we’ll see more and more people prescribed exercise as a mood-booster.


Can it relieve stress?

We’re starting to realise just how vital exercise is for our wellbeing,

Both mental and physical.

New research from the Department of Health

Published in October 2017,

Reported 12% of cases of depression could be prevented with an hour of exercise each week.

Up your workouts to three a week

And you could reduce your risk of depression by 30 per cent.

(this is massive right!!!???)


Can it help with anxiety?

Yep it sure can.

There are many cases

Of people exercising to relieve their anxiety.

They describe it as protecting them from depression

For lifting their mood and giving them energy,

Bringing them happiness.

This can be true for any type of exercise.


Find something that brings you happiness

The trick is to find one that works for you

That could be punching it out while boxing


Taking part in games

Or doing some yoga or pilates.

It doesn’t matter what exercise it is,

As long as you do it.

Make it part of your every day life

Not only will it help with mental health

But it will contribute towards protecting it.

Being in a group to workout

Will also encourage you to get out and meet new people.

Find a group of like minded people

And help each other.

Laugh and giggle and sweat together!

Make exercise a prescription for life

Its not a luxury that we can’t afford

Because it can cost nothing to get out there for a walk.

Treat it as your daily necessary dose.

You owe this to yourself!


What we may face is insurmountable, but what I learned is, that we are always stronger than we know

– Arnold Schwarzenegger


Mental health is just as important as physical health

Remember that!



The Lazy Bones Fitness Lead Motivator

And our Pilates and Mindfulness specialist,

Claire is also found motivating at our

FUNdamentals AQUA and PADS sessions.

If you’d like to know more about that, simply contact the team.


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