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Happy Birthday to us!

July 1st is the OFFICIAL birthday of Lazy Bones Fitness and this year is our first!

We say official, as we’re just like the queen…

We have a real birthday, but we also have an official birthday that we celebrate in style!


On 1st July 2017

Lazy Bones Fitness was formed with its new branding and clear focus.

Prior to that, it was a mix of various Personal Training sessions and group fitness classes,

But with no defined and clear message.


Today our message is clear

We have one aim in everything that we do.

Our aim is to bring health, fitness and exercise to those who are brand new to it, or maybe returning after a little bit too long of a break.

To help bring exercise to those who are petrified to step into a gym.

A way to move the body for those who are intimidated by the very thought.

Very simple and inclusive group sessions.

Highly accessible Personal Training bought to your home or local park,

But most importantly!

A fun, lighthearted and easy approach to staying healthy, feeling great and being happier!

So today, we’re celebrating our first official birthday.



I hear you ask!


We’re doing the one thing that us health and fitness professionals do best!

We’re eating cake!

Lots and lots of cake!


Feel free to join us for this very special day and have a slice of cake.

We don’t normally need much of an excuse, but this is certainly a valid one!

We’ll just work extra hard tomorrow…


So from all of us at Lazy Bones Fitness,

A huge thank you for seeing us through our first official birthday and here is to many, many more!


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