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It’s more than just one foot in front of the other

You may not believe this!

I know I sure as hell didn’t.
I was thinking, just HOW?
How can this be so?

What?! I hear you scream…

A report states

“4 out of 10 (41%) adults aged 40 to 60 in England walk less than 10 minutes continuously each month at a brisk pace.”


Read that again, slowly.


Out of 10 adults aged 40 to 60,
4 of them walk less than 10 minutes continuously each month.
Not each day, each month!


Just think,

Adults aged 40 to 60 are those likely to be parents through to grandparents.
These people are the ones who children are looking to for advice and guidance.
Leading by example.
The people who do not walk more than 10 minutes continuously in a month.
That, to me, is a bit worrying!


Firstly, to you all, no matter who you are,
I’m going to suggest something.
Put this blog to one side, get up and walk for 10 minutes at a brisk pace!
Then come back and read on…


Walking isn’t hard

For the majority of us, walking is simple.
If we’re able bodied, we have no excuse.
It’s just a matter of putting one foot in front of the other.
Do that reasonably quickly, constitutes a brisk walk.

We just need to walk more.


Let’s make it more interesting…
Here are 8 ways to make that walk a little easier!


1. Walk with friends

If you’re with friends, enjoying yourself and the fresh air of the great outdoors, you barely even realise that you’re doing any exercise.
Use the time to catch up on the gossip, go and explore new places and make invaluable memories.


2. Park car at far end of car parks

If you do need to drive, and I get it time is short or the weekly shopping bags are just too heavy to lug all the way home, the least you should be doing is parking at the far end of the car park.
Firstly, you’re leaving space closer to the doors for those less able to walk long distance (or those too lazy, but that’s their loss).
Secondly, you’ll be surprised how many steps you’ll accrue throughout the week by doing this. Try it! Go on.


3. Get off bus or train a stop early

Pretty much as above, you’ll be surprised how many steps you’ll add up over the week and you’ll feel so much better for it.
Not only is it a little more time of exercising, it’s time to clear the mind and be with your thoughts.


4. Take the stairs

The elevator isn’t going to save you time.
Just take the stairs.
Just do it!

Walk more.


5. Only make phone calls when in motion

If, like when I was working as a Sales Manager, you’re always on your phone, why not make a rule to always be in motion when you’re on it.
Not only is this a great way to get in those daily steps.
There are also an endless amount of other reasons to do with improved phone manner, especially if you’re trying to sell.

Just do a quick Google search “better to be standing when on the phone”.


6. Dog walk

Don’t let this be one of those daily chores that just needs to be done.
Don’t just follow the same route every morning and evening.
Mix it up, your pet will thank you, your mind will thank you and the future you will thank you.
Take your dog (or somebody else’s) to explore a local woods or field.
Try walking up big hills and get even fitter at the same time.


7. Shopping

Personally, I hate shopping.
Although I am told that a large proportion of society, especially here in the UK, absolutely love it.
And, to be fair, why not. We all deserve to treat ourselves and our loved ones to new clothes, jewellery, home bits and pieces.
A great side effect of shopping is of course, that it tends to involve a fair bit of walking, carrying heavy bags and enjoying the fresh air.
So, if you ever needed an excuse, this is it!
You’re doing it for your health!
Go shop, shop, shop!
(I’ll be that bloke, stood waiting… and waiting… and waiting… I hate shopping!)


8. Leave your desk for lunch

If you don’t take a lunch break, more fool you.
If you do, good.

But, don’t just sit at your desk browsing the internet, reading the blogs of Lazy Bones Fitness (do that after your lunch break when the boss isn’t looking!).
Get up, go outside for a walk or over to your friends place of work, or as above, do a little more shopping!


If you ever needed an excuse to shop, borrow you neighbour’s dog or meet up with friends, there you have it!


Just walk more.


Want more hints, tips, ideas and secrets?!
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If you’re still reading this, why!? Get up and go for a walk (or jog if you’re feeling strong!)

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