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Just do the warm up

All you need to do is start the warm up.


Most of us out there would like to get fitter and be healthier.

A lot of us sit on the sofa and plan in our minds about how we’ll start.

We go through the scenario in our head.

We’ll get up early tomorrow and it’ll be our day!

Tomorrow will be the start of the new us.

Tomorrow is where we’ll start to make real change!

We’ll eat more healthily, we’ll start that exercise class, we’ll be more focused!


But first!

We need to go food shopping for all the right things…

But first!

We need to buy some  new “work out” gear…

But first!

We need to find a class that we’ll like and get booked on…


We’ve all been there, numerous times!

We never quite get to that start line.

We find a new obstacle in life and we just don’t quite get going.

Sound familiar?


Here’s a thought!

Instead of committing to doing it all.

Instead of making all of the changes, all at once.

Just commit to one small thing.

Just commit to making a small start.


Just do the warm up.

Don’t wait until you’ve got rid of all the rubbish from the food cupboards

And filled them with whole and nutritious foods!


Don’t wait until you’ve sorted out the wardrobe,

Thrown away all of the old clothes to exercise in

And bought a new set of trainers, tops and bottoms!


Don’t wait until you’ve had a look at classes nearby,

And asked around to see if they’re any good!



Just do the warm up.

Head out right now

And commit to just one thing.

Commit to just doing the warm up.


You don’t need the right clothes,

You don’t need all the right foods,

You don’t need the best group exercise class in town.

Just put on some old baggy clothes.

Just put that chocolate bar down

And just do the warm up.



Because the hardest part about all of this,

The hardest part about leading a healthier life,

And being a happier version of you,

Is the starting!


Once you’ve committed to the warm up

And you’ve made a start,

The rest becomes easy!


Stop putting obstacles in the way.

Stop finding excuses.

Stop making things harder than they need to be.

Just make a start.

Just do the warm up!


You can then find the ideal exercise class or gym for you.

Once you’ve started just something!

You can then buy some new fancy clothes to train in.

Once you’ve started just something!

You can then buy the right foods and spend time trying new things in the kitchen.

Once you’ve started just something!


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