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All things NEAT

In this 60 second Straight Talk we discuss how we can be more neat

And no, we’re not on about cleaning…



Getting ourselves more active, every single day

Working towards getting ourselves more fit

And more importantly, more healthy!



Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis.

In short, it’s the energy we expend doing things that don’t involve eating, sleeping or sports-like activity.

We’d say, if it’s exercise you haven’t planned (such as a visit to the gym, a P.T session or one of our FUNdamentals sessions), then it’s N.E.A.T

You’ve heard it all before

But now it’s time to actually put it into action!

Things like;

  • taking the stairs
  • getting off the bus a stop early
  • parking your car further away
  • gardening
  • house work
  • just walking to the shops

The list really is endless…


Claire has an idea!

Something Claire practiced in her last job, where she worked most of the day at a desk

And now something we implement here at the Lazy Bones Fitness office

(we seem to spend more time at our computers than out doing exercise, very strange we know!)

It’s very simple

And all you need is yourself

And an alarm of some kind.

Set that alarm to sound every 20 minutes

And when it does

Physically get up from your chair

And move.

That may be a walk around the office or to the office next door,

Or the chance to head to the photocopier

(or have a cheeky chin wag with your mate across the hall).

What ever it is,

It doesn’t matter

Just get up every 20 minutes

And move.

We only move for 30 seconds or so,

But add that up throughout the day

And it’s a damn sight more than we were doing before.



Your mission

(should you choose to accept it)

Is to put this idea into practice.

Get up every 20 minutes and move

And don’t forget to drop us a message later to tell us how you’re getting on!



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