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Nothing works quite like a checklist

Picture the scene…


It’s 6:30am, dark outside and the alarm clock goes off.
You have 30 minutes of peace before the house descends into chaos.
Next thing you know, it’s 8am.
You’re running late!
Quick dash to the car and the crazy commute to the office.
You’re feeling irritated.


You get into work,
There seems to be more ‘to do’ on your list than you have hours left in your lifetime!
Work’s hectic.
You still didn’t get half of it done and it’s time for that crazy commute home!
The feeling of dread,
That you’ve this to come back to tomorrow, sets in.


You’re home, through the door.
The kids are crying for your attention.
Your partner’s crying for your attention.
You eat dinner, potter around the house tidying up from the day.
You’re feeling stressed.


Its 9pm, you’re shattered and dozing on the sofa.
Now, 11pm you drag yourself up to bed.
Damn, that was a stressful day!
You’re exhausted and stressed.
You can’t bear the thought of tomorrow being like that.

But it is, every day is the same!

It’s stressful right? Life!
It’s one thing, after another, after another.
When’s it going to stop!? It’s relentless!


I’ve got news for you my friend,
Things won’t just change,
Do something about it.

But, I do have a solution for you!
Just 5 little steps, repeated each day
Could drastically change your life
And reduce the feelings of irritation, dread and stress!

And even better than that…
Below, you will find a link to download your very own Checklist,
To ensure you’re doing each of these steps to help
Look after yourself.

Download it here



1. Water


The human body of an adult, on average, is 50% – 65% water.
That’ll be why, when you don’t drink enough
You feel like sh*t.
You feel sluggish, sleepy, low of energy, possibly have a headache.

Drink at least 2 litres of water a day.



2. Move


It is commonly accepted that exercise is great,
Not just for the body,
But also for the mind!
Each day, schedule a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise.
It doesn’t have to be anything too serious,
But if you get out of breath or break a sweat, great!



3. 15 Minutes for you


Your number one asset in life and business is who?


So, each day take 15 minutes or more, purely for yourself.
Switch off from the phone, the internet, the stress of life.
Go for a walk, read a book, meditate.
You’ll feel great for it, trust me!



4. Smile


This sounds simple, but until you start making note of it,
You may not realise that some days you just don’t smile.
Or at the very least, you don’t appreciate the things that made you smile.
Just do something that makes you smile.



5. Mini – victory


A bit like the above, we can go days without noticing something that we may class as a victory.
Take a note of it and appreciate it.
It may be something simple,
But if to you it is a victory,
Make a note and give yourself a point!



Just 5 simple steps to take each day,
To realise a better, happier and more content you.
In business and in your personal life.

If these ideas make sense to you,
You may like to download the ‘Daily Checklist to Success
Which helps you record and notice each step.




Want more hints, tips, ideas and secrets?!
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If you feel like these steps and the downloadable checklist are simple.
That’s the beauty in the design.
If it was complicated, you’d give yourself excuses not to do it.
Just think on that.

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