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One small step

One small step, followed by another, and another, then another…

That’s the real route to success.


Let’s talk expectation vs. reality!

Expectation vs. reality

The expectation that we encounter most is,

“If I train hard on lots of days and restrict what I eat, then i’ll get healthy and it’ll be easier to stay that way!”

Many people come to us with the desire to get their physical and / or mental health back on track.

They clear their diaries.

They book into all of the available classes

And maybe even have some Personal Training sessions in there as well.

They’ll cut out all of the “rubbish” in their diets

And only eat really small portions.

They’ve got to get themselves on track!

And once we get there, it’s got to be far easier to stay there, right!?


The reality?

Many clients hit it hard with this approach.

They’ll start off really strong, sticking to their new plan.

They’ll feel good about themselves.

They’re putting things in place to get themselves into a better place.

It’s all good, until…


Something in their life happens.

They pick up a niggle from training too often.

They have a school play to attend, followed by parent evening, then they have to work late,

So they miss a few sessions…

They have a works night out, so have that naughty little dessert and a few glasses of wine.

Then that’s it.

“Sod it, i’ve failed!  I can’t stick to anything!”

And they’re back to square one.

(Or worse, they’re in an even worse place than when they first started!)


What’s the answer?

Well there are 3 very quick and simple lessons to pick up here:

1, Just take 1 small step at a time

Instead of trying to climb the mountain in one giant stride,

Break it down into smaller, more manageable steps.

Don’t jump in all at once and increase your activity levels by 5 times what you’re used to.

Likewise, don’t suddenly cut out all and everything that you enjoy to eat.


Take small steps and focus on one small change at a time.


2, You don’t “fall off the wagon”

The saying “I fell off the wagon”

Yeah, you can forget ever saying that again!

You don’t “fall off the wagon” when you miss a few exercise sessions.

You don’t “fall off the wagon” when you lose focus on healthy eating for a few days.

All you’ve done is side stepped from your original route.

Just side step right back on and pick up where you left off.

Get back to the exercise classes as you normally do.

Go back to more focused nutrition.

Forget the small blips of distraction, it’s life, get used to it.


3, Aim forwards, but measure backwards

You’ve set yourself a goal,

Somewhere you want to aim for.

STOP thinking about how far you’ve yet to go to get there.

Instead, keep that goal in the corner of your eye

But focus your energy on measuring how far you’ve come!



We’ll cover each of these in future blog posts!


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