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RUN damentals

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a runner?

Just getting out of bed, lacing up your trainers and seeing where the road takes you?

Perhaps you’ve got some amazing goals in mind – a 5k, 10k, half-marathon or perhaps more.


Running is one of those brilliant activities that can be done almost anytime and anywhere.

All you need to run is yourself, the right skills, and a belief that you can.


But what skills do go in to running?

If you’re a fan of the C25K then you might think it’s all about run-walk training in a group until you can find your stride for longer distances.

All run, no games.

Whilst it’s true that running is something to build up to (with C25K being a great start) there’s so much more that goes in to running then meets the eye.

Running requires balance, stability, stretching, a good core, and strong muscles to support each stride.

To run with strength means to run smart and with the right support in place.

And let’s not neglect the playfulness either.

This is what RUNdamentals will offer you.


What Is RUNdamentals?

RUNdamentals is an exciting new initiative at Lazy Bones Fitness, led by our Motivator and England Athletics Run Leader, Amy.

Offering more than a standard run/walk programme, these sessions are about making sure you have the strength, balance, and stability to run carefree – RUNdamentals.

Because, let’s face it, you wouldn’t try to swim, play professional tennis, or lift 100lb over your head without the right training and knowledge, so why treat running any differently?

Each session will involve an opening ‘get set stretch’ before moving on to running activities mixed in with run-specific resistance exercises, with options for all abilities.

The session will then involve a group run before ending with supportive stretching after a wildcard finisher.


RUNdamentals takes a run & fun approach, we may be all about the run but we never neglect the games.

No two sessions will ever be exactly the same, but the smiles at the end will feel familiar.

Sessions will also have a focus on teaching you the need-to-knows when it comes to all elements of running, from stride to snacks and everything in between.

Turn up to each session and you’ll soon find yourself running with confidence.


Are you ready to go the distance?

Book in for RUNdamentals today!


RUNdamentals currently run on Wednesday @ 6pm.

Classes cost £3 per session and the meeting place is the Abbey Sands Hotel, Torquay.


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