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Sleep (or lack of it)


Or your lack of it

Is probably having a greater impact of your health

And weight management

Than you appreciate…



Lack of sleep…

Increases Ghrelin

Without getting too technical…

Ghrelin is a hormone

And is most often referred to as the “hunger hormone”.

Ghrelin stimulates appetite

As well as increasing food intake and promoting fat storage.

A lack of sleep

Is linked with an increase of Ghrelin.

So, in simple terms…

More Ghrelin means feeling more hungry.


Decreases Leptin

If Ghrelin makes us feel hungry,

Then Leptin is its opposite number

And helps us feel full.

It blocks appetite.

Leptin tells us when to stop eating.

A lack of sleep

Can lead to reduce levels of Leptin.



A quick overview so far.

Lack of sleep can mean

More Ghrelin

And less Leptin

So overall feeling more hungry…


Time to recover

When we sleep

It’s giving our bodies time

To physically heal, repair and recover

But mentally too,

Giving our minds that much needed time to process the days thoughts.

With a lack of sleep

You’ll not be able to do so much,

Or work so effectively.


Reduces effort

Thinking about an exercise class?

You’ll undoubtedly slack off a bit and your use of time will be less efficient.


It’s pretty self explanatory,

But a lack of it

And you won’t be as effective the next day.


Eat more rubbish

We’ve found no studies to support this


In our opinion and from personal experience

A lack of sleep means you’re more likely to turn to poorer food choices.

You’re less likely to prepare a nutritious meal

And more likely to resort to snacks, ready meals and other ‘quick grab’ solutions.


In short …

Trying to keep it short and sweet,

If you don’t get enough sleep

Then you’re fighting an uphill battle.

Turn off the soaps,

Switch off from social media

And get to bed earlier.

Make it a priority

And you’ll reap the rewards in no time at all.



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