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Today I Was Lazy (Just How It Should Be)

Today I had a lazy day.


What does a lazy day look like for me?

Active recovery through a nice gentle walk, minimal exercise, and then a nice gentle bedtime yoga practice to settle down for the night.

It also means giving myself more generous breaks, forgiving myself if I don’t hit everything on my ‘to do’ list and watching at least one piece of completely trashy TV while enjoying a nice cuppa.

Do I feel guilty for this?

Absolutely not.

In fact, when I look at the list above I feel proud – proud that I’m able to give myself a break and allow my body and my mind to have space to breathe.

After all, we all know the value of some nice deep breaths.


More to the point, we all need to be lazy every now and then.

Regular Lazy Bones members and readers will know that I am a rather on-the-go individual, both in my athletic pursuits and in my working life.

Sometimes those deep breaths escape me and, instead, I’m gasping from situation to situation barely able to catch a single breath.

I don’t know about you,

But I strongly believe that none of us should feel like we can’t catch a single moment for ourselves.


Rest and recovery are just as important for the body as being active, if not more so.

Exercise is great – fundamental even (or should that be ‘FUNdamental’?) – but it does come with its own after effects.

When our bodies exercise we are essentially putting it under a situation of stress.

Controlled and productive stress, yes, but stress nonetheless.

Our heartrate goes up, we make tiny breaks in the muscles so that they can rebuild stronger, and we experience the primal ‘fight or flight’ response which sends our heartrate soaring and puts us in a state of high alert.

These are all fantastic, necessary things.


Fight or flight

It exists for a reason and it’s a natural and necessary part of being human.

In times past we would have routinely entered that state to get through the day and not be mauled by a sabretooth tiger.

Nowadays we don’t have the situational strains that make us active and keep our body cycling through this state (thankfully) meaning that to be effective and fully functional human beings we need to seek it through our own efforts, aka physical activity and exercise.

Without our own efforts modern living drags us down, puts a literal weight on our shoulders (and the rest of our bodies), and stops us from realising just how amazing we are when faced with difficult circumstances.

Every single person who takes active efforts to push their limits is an absolute champion in my mind, because it means that you’re taking one of the key steps to take care of yourself.

But one of the other key steps is to recognise that all good things in life are best achieved through balance.

Stressing the body releases a hormone called cortisol, also known as the ‘stress hormone’, alongside a bunch of other physiological and mental backlog which the body needs time to flush out of its system.

This allows it to then ‘reboot’ and come back strong, mended, and ready for whatever else life brings our way.

Hence, rest days are so important for all athletes.

Even the pros will take rest days or rest periods after a hard block of training.

Some will even take an entire month off after their competitive season is over!

They understand more than anyone the importance of having some down time.


This is why I personally love our company’s name – Lazy Bones.

Being ‘lazy’ is something that we often deride in our society but the basis of a good life is finding the balance between manageable stress and necessary rest.

It’s okay to rest.

We need to rest.

What’s more, we deserve it too.

Modern life is stressful.

Fitness is a form of taking care of ourselves that we carve out for ourselves and, in today’s society, I truly believe it’s a form of radical and proactive self-care.

That self-care extends to the rest component of our activities and we do ourselves a grave disservice if we don’t recognise that.

My personal type of rest won’t be for everyone either.

Rest is so individual that it’s all about finding out what works for you, listening to your body, and being kind to yourself through both the good times and the bad.

I can handle having lazy bones from time to time.

What is never acceptable to me is tired, stressed, or (god forbid) broken bones, physically or mentally.

So, allow yourself the lazy days, they are crucial.

I enjoyed mine.

I hope you do yours.



One of the Lazy Bones Fitness motivators,

And commonly referred to as ‘The Crazy One’.

Amy offers Personal Training sessions,

Is our FUNdamentals RUN leader

And provides ad-hoc cover for other sessions.

If you’d like to work with Amy, simply contact the team.


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