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Top 10 Water Sports, Getting Fit And Having Fun

As I write this,
It’s the first week in September and all of a sudden it feels like
Summer is over!

But I love the Summer!

I am one of those lucky ones who lives right near the sea,
I was bought up on the river,
In our rowing boat ‘Rosie’
(Which we had a little 3.5 HP engine for).
I took part in the annual regatta.
I was on the beach every day from dawn ‘til dusk!

When I eventually grew up
(Or at least, became an adult. I’m not sure I ever want to truly grow up!)
I seemed to have less and less time
To be on the beach, in and on the water
And taking part in water sports.

So, although the kids are now going back to school,
And the summer season is drawing to a close,
I’m going to hold on for as long as I can,
And on my weekends,
Take part in some waterborne activities!


Not only are they great fun,

But all of those listed below
Will help me achieve my commitment
To daily exercise,
To keep my body healthy,
And therefore my mind healthy too!

My top 10 Ideas for you, of waterborne activities
To do before the summer truly is over.
(Or, if you’re brave, you’ll do all year round!)


1. Swimming

This one, we can obviously do all year round and with ease by going to the local pool.
(I’ll be doing as much swimming in the river whilst it’s safe to do so though!)
The benefits, I’m confident to say, are very obvious to all. But to name a few…
– Helps to manage weight
– Reduces stress levels and raises self-esteem
– Boosts your mood
– Strengthens your muscles
– Is a low-impact exercise (lower risk of injury to joints).


2. Scuba Diving

With similar benefits to swimming,
If you’ve not tried it I would highly recommend scuba diving!
There is almost nothing as beautiful
As being up to 20 metres underwater,
Surrounded by marine life
And the vast expanse of the ocean.
So, not only is it great for the body,
It’s a brilliant stress-reliever on the mind!


3. Rowing

Rowing a boat offers a full-body workout for the muscles
And a good blow out of the cardiovascular system!
It’s low-impact and a multitude of fitness levels can take part.
You can row a boat by yourself, for some “you time”,
Or as part of a team and meet new people.


4. Sailing

I’m not going to keep repeating myself.
It’s obvious, the muscular and cardiovascular benefits of something like sailing,
Always moving around,
Pulling on ropes and tillers.
(Can you tell that I don’t know anything about sailing?!)
All I do know, is I’ve tried it and it’s great fun!
And I came away feeling better than any gym session!

An added benefit of course, is being out on the water puts you in a great mood!


5. Kayaking

Kayaking has the paddler sat low in the water, with legs in front and using a double-bladed paddle.
When you have the paddle in the water
And complete a good stroke,
You’re using pretty much every muscle in the upper body
And some in the lower body too!


6. Canoeing

Canoeing has the paddler either kneeling on the bottom of the boat
Or sitting on a raised seat.
Much like with Kayaking, you’ll be getting a good upper body workout.
You’ll also be enjoying the fresh air on your face
And some beautiful scenery.
Has to be better than staring at yourself, all sweaty, in the gym mirror!


7. Paddle Boarding

Now this is what you call a full body workout!
If you go full ninja style and can do this stood up,
You’ll be engaging muscles in the shoulders, core and hips to help balance.


8. Surfing

Paddling out gives you a cardiovascular (breathing) workout.
It is also working the shoulders, back and arms.
Then, when (or if) you manage to stand…
You’ll be working core and leg strength just to stay up!
Overall, a brilliant work out and great fun.


9. Bodyboarding

If surfing is a bit extreme, perhaps bodyboarding would be more your thing?
Who doesn’t love splashing around in the waves?
And working the upper body muscles and cardiovascular system is a great benefit.


10. Water Polo

Personally, I’ve never tried this.
But it is said to be a combination of swimming,
And baseball!
Now that’s got to give you a great workout!


So there you have it, 10 ideas to try
That you may have fun doing
And will certainly help towards being a better you.


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You tend to do Water Sports in beautiful surroundings.
Helping to calm the mind and body.
Even just a walk along the seafront helps,
Try it.

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