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What is FUNdamentals ?

What if?

What if exercise was taken back to BASICS, exercise for beginners?

Specifically designed for those NEW to it?

Or RETURNING after a bit too long of a break?

What if exercise was done in a GROUP?

And had one main purpose, to be FUN?


It’d probably be called FUNdamentals!!



What is it?

Our main sessions involve 45 minutes of FUN and GAMES outdoors.

In a beautifully scenic location,

A Lazy Bones Fitness Motivator leads the group

(And may even join in!)

Based around games,

It is aimed especially for those who would be petrified to try traditional exercise classes.

We work in a group, with the main aim of always having a giggle.

All exercises are adaptable and providing you have no underlying condition which prevents you from exercising,

Then it’ll work great for you!


We do also have an AQUA version, bought to you in the warmth and calms of the swimming pool.



What makes it different?

We start from the basics and work our way up.

Presenting you with very simple exercises that almost anyone can do!

We can then adapt the exercises to make them tougher for those with a little more experience.


We don’t focus on “no pain, no gain”,

Instead, we focus on the benefits of just moving regularly can do for our bodies (and minds)

And the fun that can be had in a group setting.


It’s also a great way to make new friends and get a little fresh air!



Where does it happen?

FUNdamentals OUTDOORS is currently run from the beautiful grounds of Old Forde House in Newton Abbot.

Meeting in the archway entrance to the side of the house,

There is plenty of parking available!

But also very close to bus routes and a great place to walk to from home or town.


FUNdamentals AQUA in association with Ckfitness, is run in the lovely swimming pool of Appleby’s, Torquay.



What’s the cost?

There’s always a cost…

But Lazy Bones Fitness offer a great range of options!


From the Introductory Offer of any 3 sessions for £10 (one time purchase only),

Through to individual and block purchase prices

And nicely rounded off with a Monthly membership for those looking to make savings and some real change!

You can even make additional savings by coming along with a family member and investing in the FAMILY membership…



How can I be a part of it?


Just head back to our website

And click on the “Book Now” button.


If you’re not sure or have a question,

Fill in the enquiries form and the team will get back to you ASAP.


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