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Why you should walk your dog (or someone else’s) today

What do you think makes the perfect personal trainer?

Hard working?
There for you whenever YOU need them?

Basically all the qualities of man’s best friend!
Our four-legged family member,
Friend, partner, defender,
Our dog.

A dog won’t skip exercise because they’ve something else to do.
They won’t have a last minute appointment,
Or be put off by the weather.
(Well some may, but that means they’ll get you around your walks quickly!)
In fact, they’ll be dragging you out the door!
And of course, your dog will absolutely love you for a nice long walk!

Here are some benefits of daily dog walks



Great social life

If you have a dog and you take them on regular walks,
You’ll get it.
In much of today’s society, nobody talks to anybody else.
But when you have a dog with you, things are different!
You’ll talk to other dog owners like they’re your long lost friend
People will come up to you and fuss over your beloved pet
And actually speak to you!
(Not just via text, email, social media, but actually in person!)

Of course, walking with your four-legged friend also reduced loneliness and boredom.
Meaning it’s easier to find the self-motivation to get up and go.
Plus, what a great excuse to explore new places,
See new sights,
Notice new surroundings.



Looks after mental health

Not only is walking a dog boosting your exercise motivation,
It’s a great help to manage stress.
Ever heard of assistance dogs?
Or therapy dogs?
Check out some more information here

But also, by walking dogs we get to connect with nature
Which in turn, can increase our sense of well-being.

Additionally, a dog doesn’t judge you!
And they offer unconditional love.



Improves physical health

I’ve already mentioned some benefits of walking in this blog here:

You’ll strengthen your heart,
Lower risk of disease,
Help to lose weight,
Prevent dementia,
Tone up those legs, bums and tums,
Get more vitamin D,
Find extra energy,
Strengthen your muscles,
And your bones,
Plus, you’ll sleep better at night!



Helps with weight control

Yours and your pets!
It goes without saying, that daily long walks with your dog is going to help towards keeping both your weight at a healthy level.

So go on, I dare you!
Knock on the neighbours door,
And ask them if they wouldn’t mind
If you just took little old Buster out for a half hour walk!

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I’ve seen in pet stores, that you can get harnesses for cats and bunnies!
So, if you don’t have a pet dog,
But you do have other pets at home,
You’ve no excuse!

And send Lazy Bones Fitness a photo!

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